Перед вами Тауэрский мост, который связывает английский язык в школе с самими маленькими, с теми, кто еще не начал изучение языка, но очень к этому стремится, а именно дошкольники 6 лет и первоклассники, и здесь вы найдете рабочую программу и множество песенок и игр. Но перед этим немного о Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge

This bridge was built in 1894 and it is still in daily use even though the traffic in and out of the London wharves has increased to an extraordinary extent during the course of the 20th century.

Even today Tower Bridge regulates a large part of the impressive traffic of the Port of London. Due to a special mechanism, the main traffic-way consisting of two parts fixed to two hinges at the ends can be lifted up. In this way, the entrance and departure of extremely large vessels is possible, and it allows them to reach the Pool of London.

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